We are pleased to present works of the self-taught artist Rudy Rotter in our new Online Gallery.    

Rudy worked in the raw unschooled style of many Outsider artists. He used free and scavenged materials. He followed his own muse for inspiration. Within the creative process, he developed forms of expression that were his own. Rudy worked daily for 45 years making art. He named his unique style “primitive expressionism”.     

Now, two decades after his passing, a fresh effort is underway to present the artist’s work to the public. The mission of this gallery is to facilitate making the Art of Rudy Rotter accessible and available.      

Please contact us with any questions. All inquiries are welcomed.    


Information: http://rudyrotter.com  

Exhibitions:  http://rudyrotterart.com/documents/RudyRotterExhibitions.pdf 

Email: info@rudyrotterart.com